Παρασκευή, 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Does "the system" exist?

Where did we get it all wrong?
I listen to people every day, talking about politics. At least the ones that actually do. I rarely pay attention to the ones that say how much they hate or love Justin Bieber. All these talks about politics, if they are conducted in a healthy environment, always reach the same conclusion. It's "the system".
I hate to be the guy that tells you there's no Santa, but hell no! It's not the system. We love to say over and over again how capitalism destroys the economies, we can't stop saying that corporate economies are enslaving countries etc. etc.
Did anyone of you realise that we are talking about democracy? In most European countries representative democracy, is the political system in force. Which means that we get to choose who represents our county in the parliament (with many variations according to every country individually). So when we admit that states cooperate with banks in order to manipulate state's economy, what do we admit? Don't we admit that we elected the wrong people?
Some may say that we got deceived by the X congressman, or the Y president. Too much deception to be a coincidence.. Are all Europeans so gullible or stupid that they get betrayed constantly the last 20 years? Or is it somewhere that we bear our share of the responsibility?
I dare say that the Icelandic people are the model of what I want to say. The Icelandic people were betrayed by their politicians, as when the biggest banks of the country went bankrupt, at first, their government tried to "negotiate". They were trying to do what Papandreou did in Greece. To turn bank debt into national debt. The people didn't put up with it, and massive riots resulted to the overthrowing of the government. Elections gave power to a left government which in turn tried to negotiate with the credit holders, better terms than the previous government. But still, they would transform bank debt into public debt. And then it was the president of the country that declined to sign this deal, and he  proclaimed a poll on whether this deal should go through or not. Eventually the Icelandic people said no, and the deal did not go through, and Iceland is doing just fine. The politicians attempting both deals are facing civil and criminal charges.
What do we get from this example?
1.There can be a government that acts against your interests. Whether it stays on power or not it is your option.
2.There can be a politician that betrays you. Whether he/she faces the consequences it is your option. 
3.Presidents and Kings/Queens in some countries are considered as decorative. Even though in their countries' legislations they are considered to be on the top of hierarchy they are not taking any serious decisions. The President of Iceland, Olaf Grimsson, used his position in order to ensure the best for his people. Even though he was crucified by European Media he stated that "Banks want to privatise profit but nationalise losses. We said no to that"
4. Even though a way is presented by the media as the only way, there can also be another. The reason that they don't tell us, is that the board of the channel/radio/newspaper, is also a major shareholder in a bank.
So back on square 1.
People aren't involved in politics. To be honest it's a lousy hobby. People are forced to be politically active. Unfortunately, we tend to be politically aware when it is already too late to change things democratically. The reason "the system" exists is that we were dazed by the goods of consumerism and plastic wealth and we didn't bother much about politics. In the meanwhile, the "professional politicians" slowly but steadily, made sure that they created states full of loopholes for "the system" to be created. After a while when everything was set and done, they stop giving you the plastic money and the loans, and you realise what's gone.
For my country it's already too little too late. The only way past this financial chaos will be violent. Either in brute force or financially through default.
For the countries that still have an delusional prosperity, be aware. If it's not you that takes the decision, it will be the professional. Do you want his way to go through? Do you want to end up like us? Do you want the Nazis to show up in your neighborhood? Would you like to pay 2/3 of your income in taxes that don't say in your country?
If not, buckle up, open your mind, start reading something, talk to others about politics and activate! You have more means to do it than ever! If you think you're unfit to be a congressman, then look around you! The perfect congressman is the one who can represent efficiently his district. If you are like most people in your county, you can do just fine. The professional politicians are the ones who set "the system" in the first place.
You will be politically aware. Either as a choice or as a force majeure. If it's your choice, you will have a good "system" as a reward. If not, you'll be Greeced.
Your choice. As always.
Spiros Papadas

Ps All comments are welcome.Sorry about the linguistic mistakes.

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