Σάββατο, 22 Ιανουαρίου 2011

The Fragmentation

If someone pays attention to the rhetoric of the political parties, especially of the two biggest parties, he will find out that the term “people” has disappeared from their vocabulary. The times when Andreas Papandreou begun his speeches by saying “ People of.. (eg. Athens) seem to belong to the past. I’m starting to believe that they will begin to refer to the people like the wizards did, in Harry Potter, when referring to Voldemort… “You-Know-Who”..

Of course the substitute of “people” is more or less known to all of us.. “Citizens”.. According to international law, people is a group of citizens. Why our politicians stopped referring to us as a group and begun referring to each one of us severally? As you may hear them stating in numerous occasions, the term “people” sounds populistic, and using it, would be like treating people like masses. Unfortunately this casual approach, has many supporters in the society.
I would like to approach this matter differently. When do you feel stronger, more powerful? When you are facing a problem alone, or as a member of a group? Doesn’t the sense of being part of a group entail a shield of protection, solidarity, security and power? Why does our politics support these verbalistic tricks? Simply because it’s easier to confront fragments, rather than a powerful and united society. It’s easier to attack, easier to disjoint and to sow dissension….

And this is a part of a wider policy. First the media, turned the society against the unionists, by presenting them as a corrupted ilk of paternalists that sponge on, amongst the workers. I would not dare to say that all unionists are saints, but even the worst, the most corrupted unionist, is far better than those lousy politicians that sell off our country(Greece) every day, bit by bit to the IMF. This propaganda had as a result the shrinkage of the power of unions, and a working class being in the lap of .. our government and consequently of IMF. Then they turned us against the ,so called, privileged workers. The bent journalists were provocatively wondering why the operator of the harbor crane, who is risking his life every day hanging in a height of 40 meters, is merited with a salary of 2000 euros and with very early retirement..  Then we, as a society, instead of demanding the same merits for ourselves, the merits that some workers enjoy, for a good reason in most of the cases,  we begun feasting on each other’s flesh.. Finally they targeted the public workers and they made them the most disliked group of workers in the country. It’s true that they are not very productive, but it’s not their fault . The state is responsible for not setting up a proper policy in order to oblige the workers to be productive and create a friendly public sector. Thus the State disunited the society, between the privileged and the non-privileged workers. As a result the government was able to impose a lot easier its shameful measures, leading us to a modern medieval working world.

Globally there is also another reason to prefer individuals instead of a group. The goal of the capitalistic system is to fragment and isolate as much as possible the individual, so that he can become a willing receiver of  any kind of consumerist goods and useless spendings.

They want us to be apart. They do not want us to be united, they do not want us  to be “people”, because they are afraid of us. Unfortunately we are acting like “citizens”, like individuals, and we have played magnificently the role of the passive ,peaceful and silenced receiver. It’s our duty and our moral obligation to resist to the fragmentation of the solidarity of the society, and to regain our lost reflexes against the black propaganda.
Spiros Papadas
3-year Student at Democritus University of Thrace

Μετα απο σχετικο αιτημα αναγνώστη απο το Chicago μετέφρασα το άρθρο "η Μονάδα" που δημοσιεύτηκε στην Ελευθεροτυπία στα αγγλικά...

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